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Christian Yale Cahill, Esq.

Managing Partner


Juris Doctor, Nashville School of law

Bachelors of Business administration, University of Mississippi

Christ's Of notre Dame College

The liverpool institute of higher education

Transnational Wine Law,

Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne 


Bar Number: 035067


Court of International Trade

United States District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee


Christian Yale Cahill is the founder of Cahill & Dunn CHB, Inc, and The Law Firm of Christian Yale Cahill, PLLC.

Mr. Cahill is an international attorney focusing primarily on the legal issues arising from the importation of goods into the United States.  He represents clients across a wide range of industries and can assist in disputes in Federal District Courts, before the Court of International Trade, Tennessee State Courts, before Customs and Border Protection, Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, TTB, FDA, the Department of Agriculture, the FCC, DOT, EPA, and many other regulatory bodies of the United States.

Mr. Cahill is also very passionate about estate planning. as a devoted family man, Mr. Cahill is dedicated to protecting the lives, lineage, land, and assets of his clients. He is able to relate to the human aspects of all different stages  and stations of life, and the uniqueness of every familial situation.  

Prior to law, Mr. Cahill founded Cahill & Dunn CHB, Inc. A United States Customhouse Brokerage Firm conducting international business in over 20 states with over 30 countries. Clients include Fortune 500 companies, liquor distributorships, pharmaceutical companies, steel manufacturers, and the automotive industry to name a few. In addition, Mr. Cahill has consulted with and trained personnel in international business, compliance, and supply chain security and management.

Mr. Cahill received his B.A. from the University of Mississippi, while attending on academic scholarship. Mr. Cahill attended Christ's of Notre Dame College, The Liverpool Institute of Higher Education on an exchange program and was the first American to obtain a position on their football (soccer) team. Mr. Cahill also attended the Universite' De Reims Champagne-Ardenne where he studied Transnational Wine Law. 


He went on to earn his J.D. from the Nashville School of Law.


Mr. Cahill was given the honor, as the student representative to speak at the investiture of the Honorable William C. Koch Jr. Mr. Cahill was the Nashville School of Law Ambassador to the Tennessee Bar Association Access to Justice Pro Bono Law School Summit. Mr. Cahill was profiled in The Torch for his accomplishments in business and academics. While attending the Nashville School of Law, Mr. Cahill was awarded the Judge Leon Ruben Scholarship, as well as two Trustees and Faculty Scholarships for recognition of his academic achievements. For the highest attainments in the study of law, Mr. Cahill was inducted into The Honorable Society of Cooper’s Inn of the Nashville School of Law. Mr. Cahill served the Honor Council at the Nashville School of Law as Treasurer, Vice-President, and President. Mr. Cahill delivered an address at his Nashville School of Law Commencement Exercises alongside Tennessee Supreme Court Justice Cornelia A. Clark.

Mr. Cahill is a man of god, a husband, and a father. He is a former professional soccer player as well as a 7x Ironman.


Mr. Cahill is active in his community, pro bono, and charitable work. 

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